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Digital Multimeter 3 Digit
KM603 | KM6030 | KM6040 | Fluke 115 | Hioki DT4211/DT4212

Digital Multimeter 4 Digit
KM90 | KM6050 | KM405 | DM23 | Fluke 87V | Fluke 287 | Fluke 289

Digital Multimeter 5 Digit
KM857 / KM859CF

Digital AC Clamp Meter
KM2718 | KM2790 | KM2700 | KM2763 | KM999 | HTC-CM2100/2200 | Fluke 322 | Hioki 3282

Digital AC/DC Clamp Meter
KM2781 | KM2754AT | KM9999 | HTC-CM2300 | HTC-CM2900R | Fluke 319 | Hioki 3288

AC Leakage Current Tester
KM2007 | CL-2054

AC/DC Leakage Current Tester

Power Clamp Meter
KM2740 | KM2745 | KM2709 | Hioki 3286

Power Quality Analyser
Hioki 3197

Infrared Thermometer
KM-IRL300/IRL900/IRL1000 | HTC-MT4 | HTC-IRX64 | HTC-IRX69 | Fluke 62 | Hioki FT3700-20

Visual IR Thermometer
Fluke VT02

Thermal Imaging Camera
Fluke Ti10 / Fluke Ti15 | Kusam Meco TE-P

Digital Lux Meter
KM-Lux99/Lux100K/Lux200K | HTC-Lux104

Digital Tachometer
Contact | Non-Contact | Contact cum Non-Contact

Digital Noise/Sound Level Meter (DB Meter)
KM927/KM928/KM929 | SL-1350 | Hioki-FT3432

Digital Anemometer
AVM07 | KM909

Phase Sequence Indicator

Digital Insulation Tester
KM369/KM360 | KM2803IN | KM2805 | KM2804IN | KM6213BIN | HTC6250IN | Fluke 1507 | Hioki 3455

Digital Earth Tester
KM1520 | CIE-DET2000 | Fluke

Clamp Earth Tester
HTC8200 | Hioki FT6380

Digital Transistor Tester
TT825 | SMD Tester

Digital Storage Oscilloscope
25MHz / 40MHz / 100MHz

Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (CRO)
10MHz | 20MHz | 30MHz

Electric Motor Checker 
Analog Model MCM EMC25 | Digital Model MCM EMC28

Vibration Meter
VIB40 | HTC-VB8205 | Kusam-Meco KM63

Bearing Condition Analyser
MCM110 | MCM111

Digital Cable Fault Locator
Kusam Meco KM-CFL-620

Themocouple + RTD Source | mV + mA Calibrator | Hioki

Digital Coating Thickness Meter

Digital ELCB Tester
SEW-1812 | Kusam Meco KM1812EL

DC Power Supply
Kusam Meco

Laser Distance Meter

EMF Tester
HTC-EMF522 | Hioki-EMF3470

Temperature & RH Datalogger
HTC Easy-Log | Kusam Meco KM600NH


Digital Ammeter and Voltmeter
Meco 3½ Digit | Meco 4½ Digit

VIF Meter
Sycon 9990

KWH / PF Meter
Conzerv ELF3234

Multifunction Meter
KM6300 | Conzerv EM6400

Process Indicators
Selec-PIC101 | Selec-PIC152 | Selec-PIC1000


Temperature Controller
DA-141P | Selec-DTC303 | Selec-CH403

PID Controllers
Hanyoung | Shimaden | Selectron | Honeywell DC1010

Humidity Controller

Automatic Power Factor Correction Relay (APFC Relay)
Sycon-5500 | KM-PFR

Maximum Demand Controller

Earth Leakage Relay

Digital Motor Protection Relay

Voltage Monitoring Relay
Proton LVM3P | Proton VMR1P | Proton VMR3P


Flue Gas Analyser
TPI-712 | Kusam Meco KM5410

Carbon Monoxide Analyser
Kusam Meco KM5430

Carbon Dioxide Analyser
Kusam Meco

Combustible Gas Leakage Detector
Kusam Meco KM5420

Oxygen Analyser
Kusam Meco 5490


AC Current Transducer
Kusam Meco

AC Voltage Transducer
Kusam Meco

Watt or VAR Transducer
Kusam Meco

Power Factor Transducer
Kusam Meco


DC Isolating Transmitter
Kusam Meco

Frequency to DC Transmitter
Kusam Meco

Potentiometer Level position Transmitter
Kusam Meco

Temperature Transmitter
Kusam Meco | Nippon


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