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Insulation Tester
Digital Earth Tester
Bridge Megger
Tong Tester
Clamp on Power Factor Meter
Clamp on Wattmeter
Power Factor Meter
Frequency Meters
Tacho Meter
Hour Meters
KWH Meters
Recording Volt-Ammeter
Universal Growler
Phase Angle Meter
Digital RPM. Meters
Wheat Stone Bridge
Ohms Meter
DC. Ampere Hour Meter
Million Megohms Meter
Power Line Transducer
Power Analyser
Clamp on Power Meter
Leakage Current Tester
Digital Panel Meter
Gauss Meter
Voltage Recorder
Motor Checker


Digital Multimeter
Oscilloscope with Function Generator
Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO)
LCR Meter
Power Supply
Capacitance Meter
Audio Generator
Function Generator
I. C. Testers
Sound Level Meters
pH Meter
Conductivity Meters
Digital Cable Fault Locator
Oscilloscope Probe
Vibration Meters
Micro-Ohms Meters
Lux Meters
Frequency Counter
Transistor Testers
Logic Probe & Pulser
Digital Multimeter with Graphical Display
Digital Energy Meter
Gas Leakage Detector
Scope Meter
Distortion Analyser
Power & Energy Monitor
Smart Demand Controller
Trivector Meter


Temperature & Humidity


High Voltage Test


Thermo Logger
Infrared / Optical Thermometer
Temperature Indicators
Temperature Controller
Temperature Scanners
Dial Thermometers
Temperature & Humidity Meters
Humidity Indicator
Humidity Controller
Blind Temperature Controller
mV/mA Calibrator
Multifunction Process Calibrator


A. C. High Voltage Test Set
D. C. High Voltage Test Set
AC/DC High Voltage Test Set
Primary Injection Test Set
Secondary Injection Test Set
Hot Line Indicator
Transformer Turn Ratio Test Set
mV Drop Test Apparatus
Relay Test Set
Phase Shifter
Oil Test Set (Manual and Motorised)
Acidity Test Kit
Meter Test Bench
Oil Filteration Plant




Counters & Timings


Multi-Range Current Transformer
Step Down-Step Up Transformer
Control Transformers
Ring Type Bar Primary & WPL Transformer
Isolation Transformers
Phase Shifting Transformer


Preset Counters
Digital Time Totalizer
Time Switches
RPM Indicator
RPM Controller
Time Interval Meter
Impulse Counter
Length Measuring Counter
Electronic Timer
Time Controller
Programmable Counter
Rate Indicator
Preset Counter
Proximity Switch / Sensor
Photo Electric Sensor
Through Beam Sensor






Tools Kit
Bearing Tester
Electronic Timers
Cell Testers
Power Detectors
Stroke Counter
Revolution Counters Hygrometer
Metal Detector
AC/DC High Voltage Probes
Rotary Switches
T.V. Signal Generator
Process Calibrator
Data Acquisition Tools
T.V. Test Tools
Temperature controlled
Soldering and Desoldering Station
Shaft Encoder
Soldering and Desoldering Station
Battery Charger


Auto Mains Failure (AMF) Relay
Engine Protection Relay
Overload Relay
Over Voltage Relay
Under Voltage Relay
Voltage Monitoring Relay
Current Monitoring Relay
Digital IDMT Relays
Frequency Monitoring Relay
Power & Power Factor Monitoring Relay
Reverse Power Relays
Winding Protection Relay
Phase Failure Relay
Pump Protection Relay
Motor Protection Relay


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